Monday, July 23, 2012

The Jewelry Mojo is Back

I wanted to take a hiatus from book and paper making for a while and focus on jewelry.  I had a hard time getting started, especially after I lost my Southwest ring I made in Richad Salley class back in May.  To try and get the mojo back I signed up for Diane Cook's "Etched and Layered Cuffs" - an online workshop sponsored by Artful Gathering ( .  It did the trick.  I etched 4 brass bracelets and finished one, three more to go.  While the etching solution was out I etched some copper for earrings and 2 brass pieces (4x6) for book covers.  Can't wait to get back to all of them.  Too bad my real job gets in the way of having fun.  I just need to bite the bullet and actually retire so I can focus 24x7 on art and other important people in my life.  Back to the etching... here are some photos of the etched pieces and the finished bracelet.  Hope you like them as much as I do.  I also pasted photos in facebook:

 The finished pieces has a filigree and butterfly broach attached using cold connections.  The domed cuff is about 11/2" wide.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are gorgeous, Bette! I am so sorry you lost your sweet did that happen?

  2. Hey Miss Bette!!! I miss you already!!! It was so much fun...... Seeing and chatting with ya...... Missed Laura!!! Love the bracelets just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome blog love all your pics to Savannah, we went as a family when the girls were about 11 and 12 well sometime around there??? Lol! It is so beautiful and so much gorgeous architect!! Hugs, Dawn Gallop

  3. Hey Dawn, always love seeing you and taking class together! Finished my bracelet from Stacie's class. Still need take pics and post. Working on more bracelets and then moving on to something else. Bette

  4. Like them? I LOVE them!!! I'm just getting into metalsmithing, and lots of inspiration here!

    1. You will fall in love with metalsmithing.