Monday, October 31, 2011

Winter in October

I can't believe we had snow before Halloween!  Not all has melted since Saturday, my deck still has a couple of inches which is now frozen ice.  Flowers exposed to the snow/rain have now been laid to rest.  I snapped a few quick shots Sunday morning before I was off to Artomatic (Artist Market - more on that later).  It is still winter cold here with the promise of warmer, sunny days ahead.  Let's hope so, otherwise it will be one loooooooooooong winter.  Not the greatest pics I've taken - like I said they were quick shots.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I owe it all to Jen and Laura

My blog has taken on a new look thanks to Jen from  We skyped last Saturday for a couple of hours for her to spruce up my blog and give me lots of pointers and help.  Jen created my header for me which I just love!  I know I have more to do and will get there eventually if the wanting to be a perfectionist in my type "A" personality doesn't get in the way.  I'm still debating whether to thank Laura (just kidding) for getting me started on this blog thing.  We were at Artbliss in September when the final push came and during lunch one day we checked out blog names and created the blog.  So here I am.  In all honesty I will be thanking Laura for this.  Check Laura out at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back from R&R

I just spent a wonderful week  in Myrtle Beach with my husband - it was truly R&R and our 28th Anniversary.  Long walks on the beach, watching the sunrise, dinners out and laying by the pool and hot tub was all the doctor ordered.  I did bring projects with me, but they never left the bag I packed them in.  I guess I really needed to relax.  We spent a couple hours one evening at the Carolina Oprey for a "Good Vibrations" show to bring us back in time (our era) which was music from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  We went to an historic restaurant in Little River called Parson's Table for our Anniversary.  The building was constructed in 1885 as the Little River Methodist Church and was converted into an unusual fine restaurant. The entry doors are made from local cypress and are over 150 years old.  The floors in the main section is the actual siding from a farm house built in 1850.  There are many pieces of stained glass throughout the restaurant which came from various churches in S.C.  Oh yeah, the food was excellent as well!  It is very quaint and lovely.  We just may go back there for our "'29th".
Parson's Table Entrance


Church windows inside Parson's Table

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Artomatic - Frederick, MD

Whew - my first "real" entry. Last night I was dreaming about writing this entry and woke up far too early this morning (5:50AM) thinking about it. Way too early for a Saturday. Granted I am a morning person, but I would prefer a couple more sleep hours for a Saturday.
Yesterday I volunteered for Artomatic in Frederick, MD. an art venue displaying the creative works of hundreds of local artists for 6 weeks. The venue features 27,000 square feet of space on four floors showcasing visual arts, theatre, music, dance and poetry. I am one of 300 plus artists with a display. All artists must volunteer 15 hours. Yesterday was my first 5 hours which also provided me the opportunity to give private tours and view all the art. All the art is a sight to see - it is all fantastic and many have said this is one "fine art" venue versus craft. If you have a chance you really should take an afternoon (or day) to view. Artomatic opened its doors September 28th and runs through November 6th. Go to the Aromatic web site for more information. ( Tonight is the ribbon cutting ceremony and "Meet the Artists". I am excited to be part of this wonderful event. Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there!