Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Great Find at Chartruese Market Days

I hemmed and hawed about this purchase, but I just couldn't resist.  Chartruese in Buckeystown, MD held it's first Market Days this past weekend bringing out many vendors with lots of pretty vintage things.  I made several small purchases but the biggest find is this Rotabin,  Seven tiers, each 36 inches in diameter with dividers.  As you can see from the photo I am filling it with lots of supplies.

My first problem was finding a space for it.  Looking at this picture you are probably wondering what's the problem - lots of open space. Not so and I did not take a "before" picture my error.  With nice weather I moved lots of stuff and I mean "stuff" outside to make room.  Did some rearranging and with the help of my hubby's trailer we found we could part ways with a lot of the "stuff".  In filling up my Rotabin, I freed up space elsewhere, but I still need to find homes for many other supplies.  A work in progress. 

But, I love my new Rotabin and think a second one would make a nice addition!   I know my hubby would not agree.  So I will pass on a second one if I ever run across another one.


  1. Well if you ever do run across another one, think of me :) I love it! That is so cool, love the vintage green color and all the nooks and crannies! Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. I sure will. I'll call you if I see one.