Thursday, June 27, 2013

Busy, Busy Making Journals

For the past few weeks I have been making handcrafted journals/books - getting prepared for First and second Sundays. In between making books and jewelry I managed to attend a weekend long, multiple workshops with Dina Wakeley at the Queen's Ink in Savage, MD a few weeks ago.  Attended another 1 day workshop with Jess Green, Encaustics (Bare your Soul).  All workshops were fabulous.  Not to mention I am way behind in my online classes I signed up for.  I need to stop signing up. Pics below.

I am scheduled as a vendor at Second Sunday in New Market, MD July 14th.  Artist booths will be set-up on the lawn in front of the Artway Store.  I will also be a vendor for First Sunday in Annapolis. MD (  August 4th and October 6th.  I will be located in Whitmore Park.  Annapolis is a fabulous town.  Come check it out.

Pics from Jess Green's Encaustic Workshop:

Unfinished pieces

Pics from Dina Wakeley Workshops:
Dina's Silhouettes - to be used in a journal

Encaustic collaged tags

New Books/Journals:
Encased Round Back Journals
Polymer Clay Covers - Coptic Binding
Japanese Stab Binding
Left: Leather Wrapped Journal
Right: Book Board - leather spine

Etched Metal 4x6



  1. Beautiful work! Hope to see it all soon in person!

  2. Bette your work is great! I LOVE all those new journals, you really have a talent with them. I am so happy to have the one I got last year at your show!

    1. Thanks Laura - you are a sweet friend. I'm happy we met at A&S all those years ago.

  3. You're amazing! So glad you've been making and making and making! My felting machine came via UPS today. I have to do some unpacking this morning and my reward for this afternoon will be thrifting for some wool to start with. I can't wait! Will be thinking of you and the rest of my tribe!!

    1. You will love the felting machine. I have a couple more books to make and then I will be getting my felting machine out - for more books.