Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goals and word for 2012

I am not one for making resolutions since I can rarely keep them.  This year I want to reach "for the stars" as the saying goes and reach out to others.  I want to take my art business to the next level and to discover, by trial and error, new ways to add to my own techniques data base and share this with the art community.  My word for 2012 is reach.  I want to push my self beyond what I think I am capable of and reach out to others whether this be in the world of art or just helping others in need.

My second goal is to finish, yes FINISH, all my unfinished projects, which there are many.  I have books to hand bind and many pieces of jewelry to finish in all areas; beading, PMC and metalsmith items to name a few.

I also have a third, to actually complete a project in at least one on-line class I have signed up for!  This will be a challenge.

How well are you at completing your goals?


  1. We should start a gallery for unfinished projects! haaaaaaaaaaa I should probably work on taking the weaving off the loom that I did at last Spring's A&S. :)

  2. When you retire you can catch up and finish all those projects! I haven't picked a word or made a resolution this year so I am either falling behind already or getting to a more relaxed place in my life!