Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January doings combined w/Feb

It has been a long time since I posted.  I just do not seem to find interesting things to blog about.  January was a slow month for me with getting back to work after the holidays and not really interested in art or jewelry.  But then some new online classes begun and that was the push I needed to get motivated.  I only completed one project from the online classes which is one more than I usually complete.  It was a painting from Donna Downey's Create Canvas 2012 monthly workshop.  What I like about this workshop it is only once a month and one project to create.   Here is my paining for January:
Oh by the way - I sold it!  How cool is that.  I posted it on facebook and a friend of mine saw it and wanted it.  Also in January I learned how to make a humikimo braid - so hence two necklaces was the outcome from that experience.  Here they are (not the greatest pictures).

And one last project for January:  A small handcrafted journal.  I just love the texture on it.  I used a product I purchased last fall called Kroma Chrome.  I am so in love with this product! 

That's it for January - what have you been up to?

Now on to February.

We did have a small snow fall.  I hate to admit this, but I am missing a good snowstorm for this winter, but I know winter isn't over yet.  Here are some pics from my deck on the last snow fall.

I also have been working on two projects - one is almost complete.  Here are the backgrounds:

The one on the left is almost finished - here is a peek:

Let me know what you think.  I call this Key to my Heart.


  1. What I think is that you have a lot more to show for jan and feb than i do HA! It's funny, i had been toying with taking one of the classes at beadfest to learn kumihimo, I love what you did here, the blue especially. The paintings and journal are wonderful, i love the backgrounds, their colors and textures. very inspiring. Don't like the snow, I'm sorry, I don't want any at all :)

    1. Laura, Thanks for taking a look and commenting The humikimo is so simple - i can't believe i waited so long. I wanted to learn the braid so I could use slik or rayon cord to hang my PMC pendants on.