Tuesday, November 29, 2011

26 + 69 + 43

Happy Birthday to all the birthday boys.  It has been a long standing tradition to celebrate three birthdays over Thanksgiving.  Two are on the 26th and one is on the 30th.  Every now and then the 26th actually falls on Thanksgiving.  We did celebrate this past Saturday.  Paul decidied he would make martini's - turns out only two of us drank them - I had far too many along with wine - but boy they sure were good!  A good time was had by all.  German chocolate cake is everyones favorite. 

Here they are on the left, posing as they should.  Can you see the smoke from all the candles on the left?

Eric (our son) is an Instructor at the Navy's Nuclear Power School in Charleston, S.C.  He had an opportunity this summer to go out to sea for 5 days on the USS Eisenhower.  The ship was in port at Norfolk and was going out for pilot training excercies .  Plus the team who went awith Eric also saw how all the nuclear power reactors start up.  He took many videos of the pilots taking off and landing (the pilots were all being tested) and the videos are all very interesting to watch.  Below he is showing off this videos and explaining to those watching what is going on.  He had them captivated.  The really cool ones are when the pilots are landing in the dark.  I'm sure he will show it again at Christmas, one of my husbands daughter and family could not make it this year and they will need to see this as well.

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